Pet Waste Removal Services

Tired of playing the poop scooping game with your furry buddies? Not to worry, our Weekly Dog Poop Removal service has you covered! We’ve got the scoop on your pup’s poop, and we’ll get rid of it for you. No more worries about stepping on landmines during backyard playtime! Our reliable and professional team will make sure your yard stays clean, giving you and your pet a safe and happy space to play. Plus, with all the extra time you’ll have not picking up poop, you can spend more quality time with your fur baby. So, sit back and let us handle the dirty work!


Prices are based upon average sized lawns and are subject to change for larger jobs. All oversize jobs are quoted free of charge.

For best results we need to be able to view the poo. Please keep your yard mowed and leaves raked for your scheduled clean up day. 
Visit the FAQ for how to prepare for service.

Deoderizing & Sanitiazing

Do you have an unpleasant dog poop smell in your yard in? We offer a service that removes the odor and sanitizes your yard. Sometimes the smell stays even when the poop is gone, but we use an Earth-Friendly and EPA approved product that gets rid of the smell by neutralizing it. It’s safe for your grass too!

Our sanitizer product fights off bacteria, fungi, and viruses like Parvovirus.

Lawn Deoderizer

Starting at
$10 per service

Lawn Sanitizer

Starting at
$20 per service

Dog Walking & Drop In

For comprehensive pet care including walks and drop in-visits for busy pet owners who can’t always tend to their pets due to work or other commitments. Rest assured, your pet will receive the attention and care they deserve! With our personalized services, your dog will receive top-notch care and undivided attention during 30-minute walks, promoting their energy and well-being.

30 mIN wALK

Starting at


Starting at

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