Frequently Asked Questions


Pet waste is natural and biodegradable – so, is dog poop good for grass?

No! Dog’s diets are meat-based and high in protein, so their poop can kill grass due to its acidity. While the waste itself is biodegradable, the harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites in the stool remain in soil – and then spread to other areas through foot traffic and rain runoff. When it spreads, dog waste can contaminate bodies of water, encourage weed growth or infect pets or humans with harmful parasites that make them sick.

The average dog produces around five pound of waste per week. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies this pet waste as a non-point source pollutant. Pet waste is not only toxic to your lawn, but can harbor a number of disease causing bacteria and viruses, including, tapeworm, roundworm, E. coli, and Parvo.

Do you take away the pet waste or leave it in the trash?

We take away the pet waste in biodegradable plastic bags and responsibly dispose of the waste at the local landfill. Don’t be fooled by other pooper scooper companies, Mann’s Best Friend actually takes the pet waste off site and properly disposes of it for you every time. It’s not optional and is included in our pricing, no one likes the smell of hot garbage in the garbage cans, especially mixed with dog waste, Yuck!

Do you only scoop lawns and yards?

Nope! If a dog poops it, we will scoop it and take it away with us. We service commercial properties, apartments, multi-family communities, homeowners’ associations, townhomes, parks, dog parks, special events, veterinary clinics, parks and pet waste stations. However, please note that we are a dog pooper scooper business; we do not clean up after llamas, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, reptiles, horses, pigs, birds or other similar animals.

Will you scoop poop with my dogs in the yard?

We are huge dog lovers; that’s why we got into the dog pooper scooper business! But we also prioritize safety – both for your pet and our technicians. If your dog is a jumper or protective of its yard, we ask that you keep your pooch inside for protection of all involved. Our tools are metal – and jumping dogs and sharp metal corners do not mix! In a rare instance where a client’s dog has shown real aggression that cannot be managed by our trained staff, we will require the dog to remain inside throughout the duration of the poop removal service. We will gladly work out a system to alert you whenever we’re about to enter the yard.

Do I need to be home when you come?

Nope. As long as we have access to your yard we can do our clean up completely contactless. We take extra care to make sure all gates are closed when we are done; no dog, no client!

What if my service day lands on a holiday or the weather is bad?

If the weather is too dangerous to be outside or your service day falls on a holiday we will service your yard the day before or after.

How do I prepare my yard for service?

  • Yards must be easily accessible.
  • We ask that lawns be cut on a regular basis, without large amounts of leaves or debris. Give us a good view of the poo.
  • We love any and all dogs, but please keep aggressive dogs indoors on the scheduled service day(s).
  • A 2-day notice required for vacation service suspension or cancellations.


Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

We do not require our clients to sign a long-term contract.  Our goal is to build relationships between our clients, their pets, and our staff through excellent recurrent pooper scooper services.

How does billing work?

Before pooper scooper service begins we do a free estimate to give you an exact cost for service.

We invoice once per month either by email based on average monthly cleanings. We currently only take online payments. A link to the payment portal is provided in the email. We accept most major credit cards, debit cards.

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